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Old Town Music
Intelli Metronome & Tuner
Intelli Metronome & Tuner

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This is one of the loudest digital metronomes, includes a very loud pitch pipes, & tuner. Includes a thermometer and hygrometer to  monitor the playing conditions. A thumb wheel on the front allows quick selection of tempo and notes.  

Metronome Features:

  • Tempo Range - 30 to 250 beats per minute
  • 5 subdivisions of beats- eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth, triplet and sixteenths with middle rests.
  • When accented beat is set - the light flashes red for the first beat and green on the other beats.
  • Volume control is continuously adjustable by a knob. Accented beats 0,2,3,4,5,6,7 with 3 different tones for the strong beat - a chime / weak beat - a drum / subdivisions - wood block.
  • The Intelli Imt301 has Large LCD screen simulates swinging of pendulum.
  • Tempo is quickly selected with center circular selector.
  • Auto off function turns the unit off of 3 minutes of no signal detection.All settings are maintained after the unit is turned off.
Tuner Features:
  • Dual mode -- choose either chromatic or guitar .
  • Built in microphone for acoustic instruments or an input jack (1/4") for electric instruments or for a contact mike/pick up for easier more accurate tuning. (see below)
  • Pitch shift 430 Hz to 449Hz in 1Hz steps and Quadra Flat Tuning - flatting 4 steps. 
  • 3 Color Leds shows in tune or miss tune. LCD meter indicates how closely it tuned in cents scale.
  • Tuning range A0-B7 - 8 octaves.

Price: $59.95